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Professionnal secret

The WB-AquaProtect-Veranclassic team invests greatly in the sports equipment used by its riders. With its “cycle” partners, it offers cutting-edge technology. Amongst these partners is CyclingCeramic, a company that offers a great technological gain when it comes to pedallng. 

WB-AquaProtect-Veranclassic has put every effort into the 2018 season in the aim of giving its riders cutting-edge equipment. Mattijs Dachy, a mechanic with WB-Aqua Protect-Veranclassic, does everything possible at the service-course based at Mouscron, in order put together all of the technological gains made possible by the “cycle” partners and thus optimise the riders' bikes. 

Mattijs Dachy. “Our aim is to offer our riders the very highest level equipment. Al the parts of our bikes are important, especially the most specific. Thus, we are working with a new partner who has allowed us to take a huge step forward: “CyclingCeramic equips all of our bikes with bottom bracket berings and rear derailleur puley wheels. This top range equipment allows us to supply our riders with ultra-fast bikes.” 

Mattijs explains the essential technical gain of CyclingCeramic bearings: “ The bottom bracket is at the bottom of the frame. We put in two ceramic bearings which assist the rotation of the crankset; less friction = less effort made by our riders. The derailleur pulley wheels also benefit from CyclingCeramic technology, optimising the transmission of pedalling strength towards the rear wheel. One needs to see this equipment as a complete set: bottom bracket, derailleur pulley wheels, chain, wheel bearings. Each part is subject to friction, something that we try to limit in order to optimise the performance of our riders. For example, a complete set allows for a saving of up to fifteen minutes in a race of 180 km.”

So how is it that ceramic bearings perform better than those made of steel ? “The ball bearings are lighter, longer lasting and harder than traditional steel ball bearings. They are less sensitive to thermal expansion and their surface is smoother. All of these things take away resistance and allows for optimising movement. Also, CyclingCeramic uses a specific alloy for the bearing rings; this very hard-wearing alloy copes with the hardness of the ceramic ball bearings. It is all hand-assembled in France, thus, our riders have at their disposal high quality products.”

CyclingCeramic also supplies with the team with a massive innovation; race-prepared chains. This is a major contribution as it allows for a decrease of 3 watts used by the chain. The production process is kept secret by the brand and is carried out in their workshop; it is a real leap forward. 

About CyclingCeramic
CyclingCeramic was created in 2012 and specialises in the assembly of ceramic bearings. All of our bearings are hand made at our workshop in France. All of the components, bottom brackets and derailleur pulley wheels are made in Europe. We also give a two-year guarantee on our products.

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